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Seahawks 12K Run

Seahawks 12K Run

The Seahawks 12K run was held for the fourth time on Sunday, April 21, 2013.   A 12K is a distance of 7.46 miles, but according to my Nike + it was 7.9 miles.  The race started at The Landing in Renton and  headed north along the  southeast shore of Lake Washington and then looped around the VMAC and back to The Landing for the finish line.

It was my first time running the Seahawks 12K.  I am not a competitive runner, but I am a Seahawks fan! I run a 10 minute mile and have a handful of half marathons underneath my belt.   I wanted to check out this event and enjoy the opportunity to be around other 12’s, not to mention taking a lap around the VMAC.  I wasn’t disappointed.

I filmed the race using a GoPro Hero3 camera.  If you couldn’t participate in the run and wanted to know what is all about, watch the video and it will give you a good perspective.  If you were at the race, check the video out and see if you can spot yourself.

I estimated there was over 4,000 12’s running.  They came in all shapes and sizes.  A lot of them were Reppin the 12 dressed in their Hawks gear and jerseys.   The 12th Women love themselves some Lynch jerseys!  It is a thing of beauty seeing all of those Hawks fans running.


The half way point of the race was at the VMAC.  Seahawks players were handing out water and signing autographs at the aid station.  Back at the finish line more Seahawks players were signing autographs.  After the race,  we were waiting in line to meet the players when we met the 5K men’s winner.  A 22 year old track coach who won with a time of 16:09 minutes.


I highly recommend attending this race, so get out there and train for next year!

Go Hawks!


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  1. The 12th Man’s 12 Step Program for the Off-Season – Step 2: Run the Seahawks 12K | ReppinThe12

    […] The Seahawks 12K (7.46 miles) run is scheduled for April 13, 2014.  This gives you the next 5 weeks to get off your rear and train for the run.  The starting line is at The Landing in Renton and the course takes off towards the Seahawks practice facility, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC), which sits along the shores of Lake Washington.   The VMAC is the halfway point and runners circle the facility offering 12′s a close up look at where the Super Bowl Champions train. There is an aid station here which is manned by several Seahawks players. The course then backtracks to The Landing for the finish line .  If you want a more in-depth account for the event,  I did it for the first time last year and wrote a blog post about it. […]


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