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Seahawks Schedule -2013 Regular Season

The NFL announced the 2013 season schedule Thursday evening on April 18, 2013. Every time the schedule is released, NFL fans everywhere are making their win/loss predictions, reminiscent of the scene portrayed by Patton Oswalt in the movie Big Fan. It’s gonna be a great year. There was a Russell Wilson sighting on NFL Network during the release party. Four primetime games are scheduled for the Hawks this year, but as Wilson said, every game counts. The following is my highlights of the schedule.

The Tailgate Game

Week #2 – September 15th – San Francisco 49ers 5:30 p.m. NBC

If you can only attend one Hawks game this season, this should be it. A primetime matchup in our home opener against the Niners. The last time these two teams met the game was televised on NBC Sunday Night Football on December 23rd. The Hawks pounded the 49ers in that game and clinched themselves a playoff spot. The 49ers were embarrassed. The final score was 42-13. The play that sticks out in my mind from that game was the bone crushing hit on 49ers Tight End Vernon Davis by Kam “Bam Bam” Chancellor. It was a thing of beauty.

This is the game for throwing a tailgating party. It is perfect because of the 5:30 p.m. kickoff and the time of year. The weather should be just right in mid-September. Downtown Seattle will be buzzing with energy and excitement. The bars around Seahawks Stadium are always packed for primetime games and it is not uncommon to see lines of 12’s waiting to get inside. Fill your cooler with cold beer and bring a grill and avoid standing in line.

The Deer Hunter Game

Week #6- October 13th – Tennessee Titans 1:05 p.m. CBS

The general deer hunting season opener for Washington State is on Saturday, October 12th. For several years now, my friend who was enlisted in the USMC would fly home so we could hunt the deer season opener. The trip was made perfect by making a trip to Seattle the next day for us to watch the Hawks. This year it is even better because Monday, October 13th is Columbus Day, which believe it or not is a federal holiday. So if your work recognizes the holiday, this is also a great game to spend the night in Seattle after the game if you are form out of town.

The Road Trip Game

Week #10 – November 10th – Atlanta Falcons 10:00 a.m. FOX

I am surprised this game was not slotted for primetime. The Hawks will be returning to the scene of their heartbreaking playoff loss. I am still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of that game. My therapist thinks it would be cathartic for me to attend this game, but seriously, this would be the one road trip to make in the 2013 season.

Direct flights, good food, southern hospitality, easily obtainable game tickets, Veterans Day, and revenge are many of the reasons to attend this game. I plan on going to this game. My friend has retired from the USMC and is now living in Atlanta. We will be Reppin The 12 in the Georgia Dome.

The Shopping Game

Week #13 – December 2nd – 5:40 p.m. ESPN

I hate Christmas shopping. I hate the crowds. I hate the commercialization of Christmas. But I love the Seahawks. This game precedes Thanksgiving and Black Friday. My plan is to go Seattle on the Sunday before this Monday Night Football matchup and accomplish all of my Christmas shopping and spend the night in hotel. Nothing like waking up the next day knowing that you are going to what should be an outstanding football game.

The last times these two teams meet in resulted in an earthquake. In fact, a BeastQuake. If you are new to the 12th Man, Google “BeastQuake” and enjoy.


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