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Seahawks Town Hall Meeting

I received an e-mail a few weeks ago from the Seahawks inviting me to attend a Town Hall Meeting hosted by head coach Pete Carroll.  I watched last year’s Town Hall Meeting via a live webcast and thought;  how did those lucky 12’s get to attend the event?  I was now presented with the opportunity to be one of those lucky 12’s.

It was scheduled on a Wednesday evening.  I live three hours away from Seattle, so I would have to take time off from work and spend 6 hours in a car in order to attend.  Being a responsible adult I contemplated these factors for about 2 minutes.  The RSVP was sent.

As 12’s walked through the hallway into the Club Level of Seahawks Stadium, they were greeted with fanfare by Blue Thunder and a squad of Sea Gals.  The energy and excitement in the air was palatable.  It was awesome!

Inside the Root Sports Lounge, 12’s  could meet players and have their photograph taken with them by a team photographer.   It was pretty cool, they had a bunch of iPads set up for the 12’s to immediately post their photos to social media.

There were two photo op stations, one was manned by cornerback Brandon Browner and  guard Lemuel Jeanpierre.  The other station was occupied by wide receivers Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse.  Working the rope line as 12’s waited was guard Rishaw Johnson, and he was good at it.

I was excited to meet Browner.  He is a big guy, especially for a cornerback!  I told him it was a badass play when he chased down Adrian Peterson from behind on a 7o+ yard run in order to save a touchdown.  Browner cracked a smile.  He probably doesn’t hear that very often.  I saw that play in person and Browner came flying from across the opposite side of the field with blazing speed and grit to catch Peterson.


Right before the start of the Town Hall Meeting, Pete Carroll came out into the crowd for an impromptu photo and autograph session.  Carroll has a “buzz” that surrounds him.  After watching him work the crowd, he is most definitely what you would call a “people person”.  The man exudes an aura of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence.  Carroll waited to the very last minute signing autographs, taking photos, and shaking hands before he was scheduled to speak.


The coach was intro’d by a highlight film from the 2012 season.  I love how the 12’s cheered when the clip of Golden Tate’s touchdown on Monday Night Football was shown.  Along with the clip of  Vernon Davis having his bell rung by Kam Chancellor.  I’m glad they didn’t show any clips from the Atlanta Falcons playoff game.  I am still dealing with Post Traumatic Seahawks Disorder from that loss.

Carroll spoke about the past season and the opportunities and challenges that face this team in the upcoming season.  He then opened the forum up for a question and answer period with the 12’s.

If you really want to understand the mind of Pete Carroll, you need to read his book Win Forever.  His answers to many of the questions echoed the themes and beliefs expressed in the book.

He fielded several questions from the 12’s about rookie Quarterback sensation Russell Wilson. He is extremely excited about Wilson for the upcoming season.  Listening to Carroll speak about Wilson, it is clear that he (Wilson) has made leaps and bounds this off-season in his development as a franchise quarterback in the NFL.

Buckle up 12’s it is going to be an exciting year.


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