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The Sean Lee Treatment

This past Friday, Golden Tate was a guest on the Bob and Groz show on 710 AM ESPN radio in Seattle, Washington.  In light of Brandon Browner’s recent comments about choking out 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, Tate was asked what he would do if he found himself on a field playing football against Harbaugh.   Tate replied he would try to give Harbaugh the “Sean Lee Treatment”.

This is a perfect opportunity to reminisce about the Sean Lee hit and the win over the Cowboys.

It was week #2 of the NFL season and the Hawks had just lost the season opener in Phoenix against the Cardinals with a heartbreaking loss of 20-16 which went right down to the wire.  The Cowboys opened the season against the defending Superbowl champion New York Giants on a nationally televised game for their opener.  The Cowboys beat the Giants 24 to 17 and the national media crowned them the Superbowl favorites for the year.   That nonsense rhetoric would last for only a week.

The game was played in Seattle and would be the home opener for the Seahawks.  It was a beautiful fall day with a temperature around 70 degrees.  The Cowboy fans were in full force as would be expected with a team with such a large band wagon.   They were cocky and trash talking the whole way as I entered Seahawks Stadium.

The Cowboys wagon had invaded my section and my stadium.  They would not stay for long because the Hawks were about to open up a 6-pack of whoop ass on ‘dem Cowboys.  The Hawks would destroy them 27-7 that Sunday.  This guy and many of his brethren would end up leaving by the the 3rd quarter and miss the Sean Lee treatment.


The 12th Man was fired up at the start of the game, thanks in part to a tribute to the new Nike Seahawks jersey and the 12th Man.  The entire section of the north end zone (Hawks Nest) was engulfed with an image of the new jersey.


The hit on Sean Lee by Showtime Tate came in the 4th quarter.  Russell Wilson took off on a scramble downfield and Lee pursued across the field running parallel.  Tate laid Lee out like a sack of potatoes.  The crowd let out a gasp, and then a cheer, and then boos.  Tate was flagged for an illegal block.

The NFL had recently made some rule changes to include making Lee a “defenseless” player because he was blind sided.  Golden was fined $21,000 for the hit, Jerry Jones cried like a baby in the media, and YouTube got this beautiful rant from a Cowboys fan.


6 Responses to “The Sean Lee Treatment”

  1. Jason

    We aren’t gonna put up with your bullshit Dez Bryant…….Classic!!


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