Where pride and passion for the Seattle Seahawks collide.

Need tickets for a Seahawks game? Try winning some.


The Seahawks offered a limited amount of single game tickets for sale on Ticketmaster this past Monday.  I am a Season Ticket Holder and I’ve attempted to buy single game tickets during the recent losing seasons.  Those attempts were met in vain.  According to 12’s on Twitter, their attempts to purchase tickets Monday morning were also met in vain.

12’s always have the option of buying tickets through the NFL Ticket Exchange website.  The prices for the tickets will undoubtedly be higher than their face value.  I guess it’s the price one will have to pay with all the hype and hope surrounding the Hawks this year.

A 12 could always try to win some tickets with a recent scratch game being offered by the Washington State Lottery.  The scratch tickets cost $5 each.  The odds of winning are 1 in 4.  Prizes range from $5 to $50,000 (that can buy a lot of tickets, jerseys, and beer).  Since I recently won a Steve Largent (#80) jersey at the 12 Tour in Vancouver, Washington,  I thought I would see if I still had a hot hand and bought $20 worth tickets. Only one (1) was a winner for $5, but I still have a chance to win on the losers.

If your ticket is not a winner, you can still enter it into the Fan Four Experience by mailing the losing ticket to the Washington Lottery for a subsequent drawing.  The Fan Four Experience is a 12’s wet dream.  You win the following:

  • 1 Night Hotel Stay
  • Dinner for 4
  • 4 Gameday tickets
  • Limo to and from Seahawks Stadium
  • Pre-game sideline passes
  • 1 Autographed football and jersey
  • Gameday Seahawks Gear
  • Fifty (50) $5 Seahawks Scratch Tickets
  • 4 Tickets to ride the Big Wheel
  • $40 in concession bucks (i.e. 4 micro-brews)

There are 4 games that a lucky 12 can win for the Fan Four Experience; San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, and the St. Louis Rams.

After the Seahawks make the playoffs, the Washington Lottery will have a drawing for one lucky winner to receive 2 tickets to the playoff game along with lodging.   If the playoff game is on the road, the winners will also be provided transportation and airfare.  You can find more details on the contest at the Washington Lottery website.

For the Week #2 matchup against the 49ers, the Washington Lottery will be holding a special tailgate in the northwest plaza of Seahawks Stadium.  To include an autograph signing of a former Seahawk player.  In 2010, I stumbled upon the event and met Seahawks Ring of Honor member Jacob Green (#79  Defensive End), who is coincidentally Big Red Bryant’s (#79 Defensive End) father -in-law.


So if you are an Chuck Knox generation or Mike Holmgren generation 12, check it out.


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