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Training Camp Practice #12 – Observations and Inferences

Today was our first and only attendance this year to training camp.  Practice started at 10 AM, which meant an early wake up call of 4:15 AM.   Today’s practice was in stark contrast compared to the one we attended a year ago.  For starters, it was 72 degrees today and last year it was grotesquely hot at 100 degrees.  Last year, Tarvaris Jackson (#7), Matt Flynn, and Russell Wilson (#3) were in a three-way competition for the starting QB spot.  Blue Angels rocketed over Lake Washington last year.  Today, a helicopter circled the practice field with what appeared to be a paparazzi hanging out the door.  Finally, the bandwagon has arrived; the VMAC berm was packed with 12’s!  Last year, not so much.

Observations and Inferences

Our back-up QB is good.  T-jack looked sharp today.  He was throwing the ball with confidence and without hesitation.  His arm appeared to be “stronger” in comparison to his 2011 season, perhaps that is due to him not having a torn pectoral muscle!  Or my observation may be completely biased due to his lights out performance against the San Diego Chargers in the first pre-season game.  T-Jack is a great insurance policy in case, God forbid, something bad should happen to Wilson.  The locker room loves and respects T-Jack, and will run through a door for him if he is ever called to duty.

Grizzly Adams is our back-up Tight End.  Sean McGrath (#84) has one bad ass beard!

The zone-read option was not an option.  According to my count, Russell Wilson only ran the zone-read option twice today.  The first attempt at the play resulted in him scrambling to his left approximately 10 yards and stepping out-of-bounds just past the first down marker.  The second attempt turned into a reverse hand-off to WR Doug Baldwin (#89).  The defense sniffed it out and the play failed miserably.  All off-season the national media pundits said the Seahawks staple was going to be the zone-read option in 2013.  Once again, the national media will be proven wrong by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.

You CAN get Russell Wilson’s autograph.  We took off at the end of practice.  Droves of 12’s flocked towards the fence, all hoping to get an autograph.  I didn’t even want to try, but our friends from Vancouver (USA) rolled the dice and did not throw a 7.  One of them was able to get Wilson to sign their boyfriend’s jersey.

There is a Wide Receiver “Battle in Seattle”.  The hometown kid Jermaine Kearse (#15) and former Arizona Cardinal Stephen Williams (#83) appear to be in a battle for a Wide Receiver spot on this roster.  Williams is 6’5″ and has a great catch radius accompanied with speed.  Pete Carroll loves him some big-bodied receivers.  Kearse is physical and appears to be clicking with Wilson on the practice field.


The Bandwagon has arrived.  Today I wore my replica Steve Largent (#80) jersey  that I won a couple of weeks ago at the 12 Tour in the ‘Couve.   I suppose I was subconsciously telegraphing to the world that I was a Seahawks fan before Week #17 of last season.  I spotted a few other Largent jerseys along with some Cortez Kennedy (#96) jerseys floating around the VMAC today.  I had one 12 walk up to me and say, “Steve Largent.  A lot of people out here don’t even know who he was.”  I replied, “We need to educate them.”  Which will be the focus of a future project.


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