Where pride and passion for the Seattle Seahawks collide.

Behind Enemy Lines – The Jacksonville Jaguars

Matt Hasselbeck leads the Hawks to a 41-0 victory over the Jaguars in 2009.

The last time the Jaguars played in Seattle was October of 2009.  The Hawks demolished them 41-0 under the coaching of Jim Mora Jr.  That’s right, 41 to ZERO.  There is a good chance the 12’s could see a similar score this upcoming Sunday at Seahawks Stadium.  The Hawks are favored by 19.5 points in Vegas.  This is the tenth largest spread in NFL history.

The Jaguars are coming off a road loss of 19-9 against the Oakland Raiders.  Chad Henne was the Jags starting quarterback due to an injury suffered by Blaine Gabbert in Week #1 against the Chiefs.  Gabbert cut his hand open on another player’s shoulder pad and received 15 stitches.  The Jags lost their home opener to the Chiefs 28-2.  It doesn’t look like Gabbert will be starting this Sunday, so Henne will have the daunting task of facing the Sea-Fence.

Maurice Jones-Drew (MJD) will probably be playing in Seattle.  He suffered an ankle injury in the game against Oakland. The Jags offense desperately needs MJD.  Former Seahawk running back (and Marshawn Lynch buddy) Justin Forsett will see some action against his former teammates.   Forsett had suffered a turf toe in the preseason but has played in the regular season games.  Tight end Mercedes Lewis is battling a calf injury and it is uncertain if he will play on Sunday.

The Jaguars opted to stay in San Jose, California as opposed to returning to Jacksonville after their game against Oakland. The team is practicing at the San Jose State facilities.  This was a smart move by first year head coach Gus Bradley.

This will be somewhat of a homecoming for Bradley, who was Seattle’s Defensive Coordinator for the past 3 seasons.   Bradley will undoubtedly use his intimate knowledge of the Seahawks for his game plan, but will his players have the talent and skill to implement the plan?  Bradley is very aware of the noise and chaos the 12th Man can inflict upon visiting offenses.   The team is blaring loud music on speakers during practice in attempt to minimize the effect of the 12th Man.

The Jaguars punter is second year player Bryan Anger from Cal, who was the 7oth pick (3rd Round) of the 2012 draft.  The Seahawks starting quarterback is Russell Wilson (#3) from Wisconsin, who was the 75th pick (3rd Round) of the 2012 draft.

The Jaguars have scored a total of 11 points (2 of which were from a safety) in their first 2 games.  The Seahawks defense have allowed a total of 10 points in their first 2 games.  This is a recipe for another shutout.


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