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Miracles Happen to Those Who Believe in Them ~ The Seahawks Power of Belief

By now, we all know we had witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in Seahawks history this past Sunday with an overtime win against the Houston Texans.  I am sure you have read articles or listened to radio talk shows breaking down the statistics or key plays of the game, which were obvious.

The 3rd down sideline catch by Doug Baldwin (#89), the fourth down scramble by Russell Wilson (#3), the touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch (#24), the pick six interception by Richard Sherman (#25), and the game winning field goal by Steve Hauschka (#4).  I am not going to re-visit these plays.  Instead, I want to talk about what I saw on the sideline immediately after the pick six by Sherman.

As expected the Seahawks sideline erupted with celebration as Sherman raced down the field untouched into the end zone.  The Fox broadcast caught an image of Russell Wilson hugging Pete Carroll.

carroll hug

At that moment, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll knew they were going to win the game.

One of the underlying themes of Pete Carroll is to maintain the mindset that something good is about to happen.  On this day, several good things happened.  This deep conviction of belief is one of the team’s strongest attributes and was galvanized even more after that win.

Most 12’s are familiar with the team mantra from the 2011 improbable playoff win over the Saints,  “We All We Got.  We All We Need.”, which still holds true today.  The players of this squad are not only playing for themselves individually, but more importantly they are playing for each other.   They are counting on each other and they owe it to each other to continue fighting no matter how bleak or grim the situation.   This is how survivors becomes rescuers.


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