Where pride and passion for the Seattle Seahawks collide.

Be Proud of the Seahawks. Even if You Are a Bandwagon Fan.

All aboard the 12 train.

A guest piece was published Monday in the Seattle Times by Danielle Campoamor regarding the phenomenon of Seattle Seahawk “bandwagon”fans.  Danielle has noted the recent surge in fandom and pride for the Seahawks this season in the Seattle area, and she doesn’t like it because they haven’t paid their dues.

Without a doubt, there has been an increase in excitement for this team.  Training camp practices open to the public sold out immediately.  In past years, there was was no problem staking a claim on the berm at the VMAC. Game tickets were also snatched up instantly.  Season ticket holders were asking a king’s ransom for the first home game against the 49ers.  Seahawks fever had spread like wildfire, as it should, but it is not just about this team’s win/loss record.

The excitement is about the personalities that make up this franchise with people like coach Pete Carroll, quarterback Russell Wilson (#3), running back Marshawn “BeastMode” Lynch (#24), and the Legion of Boom;  along with the way they go about their business.  Who doesn’t want to be part of that?

This fervor expands much farther beyond the 206 area code.  Seahawk fans are showing their pride throughout the Pacific Northwest and the nation.  Many of these 12’s were not around a few seasons ago waving the blue and green, and I am okay with that.  Their freshly found pride is not a deadly sin or a slap to my face.   I don’t feel a power of entitlement in my fandom over theirs because I have sat through the painful seasons of losing, and listening to people refer to the Hawks as clowns.  Instead, I see this time as a great opportunity to grow the fan base of 12’s and nurture their new found love for the Seahawks.

I sold my pre-season tickets to one of these recently minted 12’s this summer.  He was taking his daughter to her first Hawks game.  I didn’t shun this young man because he didn’t know that tight end Zach Miller (#86) was the player pictured on the ticket he just purchased.  Instead, I provided him some team history and pointers for attending a game.  He was grateful for my advice.

If you are a “die-hard” 12, this is the time to take these new 12’s under your Hawk wings and educate them about the ways of the 12.

Go Hawks!


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