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Earl Thomas – Early Candidate for Defensive Player of the Year?

CC image courtesy of Jeffrey Beall

Seahawks free safety Earl “Deuce” Thomas (#29) is off to a quietly good start this season and may be headed down the path to become a candidate for the NFL Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY).  The 5’10” & 202 pound bolt of lightening from Orange, Texas has been racking up the defensive statistics through Week #7.

Currently, Thomas is tied for leading the league in interceptions with 4 overall.  He is tied for 2nd in the NFL for total tackles with 43.  So far, Thomas has tallied 2 forced fumbles for the year.  Enough of about statistics because they never tell the full story.

As a charter member of the Legion of Boom (L.O.B.), he has been flying around the football making bone-crushing tackles and hits on the opponent.  Thomas has put on a clinic for the tip drill which has spread to the rest of the Seahawks defense.  When a ball is tipped there is a good chance it is going to be caught by Thomas or another member of the L.O.B.  Thomas is also a force to be reckoned with on special teams for kick-off coverage.

Thomas’ ball-hawking skills show up when it is most needed in the game.  During the Week #1 game against the Carolina Panthers, the Panthers were driving down the field in the 4th quarter looking to score and take the lead.  Running back DeAngelo Williams was in the red zone when he was stripped of the football by Thomas.  The Seahawks recovered the ball and won the game.

During the Week #2 Sunday Night Football match-up against the 49ers in Seattle,  it was the 1st quarter and Collin Kaepernick had the ball on the Seahawks 6-yard line looking to score the first points of the game.  Kaepernick rifled the ball to Vernon Davis in the end-zone.  Conerback Walther Thurmond (#28) deflected the pass and it was intercepted by Thomas.  The 49ers would not score until the 3rd quarter.

In the Thursday Night Football matchup this week against the Arizona Cardinals, Thomas was all over the field making plays including another incredible interception off a tipped ball from fellow L.O.B. cornerback Brandon Browner (#39).

If Thomas keeps up this level of play throughout the course of the season, and I have no doubt he will, he should be in the conversation for DPOY.


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