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We’re Putting The Band Back Together -Michael Robinson is a Seahawk

Mike Rob about to take the field.

The Seahawks announced Pro-Bowl fullback and former team captain, Michael Robinson (#26), is back with the team.  Robinson failed to make the team’s 53 man roster at the end of August.  At the time, it was rumored that Robinson suffered from a serious health condition and was not in good shape.

In a press conference today, Robinson confirmed he was hospitalized because of kidney and liver complications due to a prescription anti-inflamotory medicine he had been taking.  At the time, he initially felt he was coming down with a case of the flu.  He ended up being hospitalized for several days while doctors tried to figure out what was wrong.  Robinson’s weight dropped to 212 pounds.  He currently weighs 245 pounds.

I am so jacked up for Robinson’s return to the team.  First of all, the guy is a passionate leader on and off the field.  He’s got some awesome pre-game speeches and I would describe him as a foxhole guy.  Second of all, he is a bruising back that can bring the boom.  I can sleep better knowing that Robinson is watching the backs of Lynch and quarterback Russell Wilson (#3).  I want him in that backfield.  I need him in that backfield.  Third of all, not only his a great blocker for Lynch, he is also Lynch’s friend.  Never underestimate the power of friendship in the workplace whether it is on the football field or in the board room.


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