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The 12th Man Marches into Atlanta

The 12th Man marches to the Georgia Dome

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to watch the Seahawks play the Falcons in a Week #10 match-up in the Georgia Dome.  For many 12’s this game was about seeking retribution for the heartbreaking loss that took place in that stadium last January, but for the team, it was about taking care of business.  The Hawks owned the Falcons in what is being coined as their most “complete” game by the media with a victory of 33-10.  The team was firing on all cylinders with solid performances by the offense, defense, and special teams.

The victory was awesome and so were the fans who came out in strength to rep’ the 12.  The Seahawks Road Crew organized a 12th Man rally Saturday night at STATS Sports Bar in downtown Atlanta.

ReppinThe12 atop STATS Sports Bar in Atlanta, GA.

ReppinThe12 atop STATS Sports Bar in Atlanta, GA.

Of course we had to attend the event, but I decided to take it a step further by dressing up in this year’s Halloween costume – Pete Carroll.  The party was a blast!

It was estimated there were over 950 12’s in attendance.  There were many 12’s from the Pacific Northwest, but they also came from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee.  I even met a mother and daughter duo who were from New York City.  I asked another mom and daughter duo where they were from and they told me Richmond, Virginia.  I said they must be Russell Wilson fans (but who isn’t?).  The mom was Wilson’s first grade teacher and the daughter attended school with him.  Even the Delta flight crew for the Seahawks charter plane was there showing their love and support for the team.  It was a beautiful Georgia evening and the beer and SEA-HAWKS chants were flowing.   The atmosphere was great.

Ladies love Carroll.

Ladies love Carroll.

In regards to the Pete Carroll costume, it was a hit.  Carroll was kissing babies and shaking hands!

The future generation of 12s.

The future generation of 12s.

The cool part was we got to see all these people the very next day before the game while tailgating.  Atlanta is a great venue for tailgating.  It was organized, spacious, clean, safe, and cheap.

The 12’s were fired up and having a good time before the game.  At noon the whole group marched to the Georgia Dome chanting SEA-HAWKS along the way.  An awesome experience.  I made a short video of the weekend with a GoPro camera and you can see first hand what it was like that day.

The Georgia Dome is a nice stadium and the Falcon fans displayed their southern hospitality.  The energy level of the fan base was numb that day, perhaps it is due to their teams losing record.  The atmosphere was similar to a NBA game  before the All-Star break.  The antithesis of Seahawks Stadium

The cool thing about attending an away game is that feeling of being behind enemy lines.  You nod your head or say hello to every other 12 in the stadium.  At halftime, I nodded to such a 12 wearing a #82 (Luke Willson – Tight End) jersey walking through the Club Level.  I started talking to the gentleman and it turns out that it is Luke’s dad, Mike Willson.  It was his first Seahawks game.  I never knew this but, they are Canadian.   Mike is planning on attending his first game at Seahawks Stadium this weekend against the Vikings.  I told him he is in for a treat.


Near the end of the game, a sea of 12’s were migrating toward the Hawks sideline.  Chants of SEA-HAWKS could be heard in the Georgia Dome.  Of course, I had to make my way to that section and join in the revelry.  If you ever get the chance to attend an away game, do so, you won’t regret it.


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