Where pride and passion for the Seattle Seahawks collide.

Buckle Up 12th Man. It’s About To Get Real -Seahawks vs. Saints Divisional Playoff

Tomorrow at 1:35 PM the proverbial “shit” is ’bout to hit the fan inside Seahawks Stadium.  It’s either win or die.  I am sure you’ve heard all of the “experts” breakdown the game between the Saints and Seahawks.  Some are expecting the Hawks to win by a few scores, others are expecting the Saints to upset the Seahawks with their newly found run game, and some even think it will be a blow out for both sides.

This is playoff football and I would expect nothing is going to be easy for either team.  The Saints will not roll over and will fight until their last breath is taken from their lungs.  It’s going to be a nasty scrap, but the Hawks have an unfair advantage.  They have the 12th Man.  I fully expect the 12th Man to be in full throat.

Scream your head off like there is no tomorrow, because there just may be no tomorrow.  Cherish every great play by the Hawks and don’t let the Saints great plays of their own dent your determination and resolve.  Remember, we all we got we all we need.

You don’t need a cheer card or video instructions on what needs to be done.  You know what to do, so go out and do it.  The 12th Man will be galvanized unlike anything you’ve experienced since the Beast Quake game.  Pack your lunch and your earplugs on Saturday.  All hands on deck!


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