Where pride and passion for the Seattle Seahawks collide.

The 12th Man’s Guide to Hating the 49ers – Version 3.0

Russell Wilson arrests a member of the 49er Faithful

The stage is set for an epic battle to take place this Sunday between the Seahawks and the 49ers in Seattle for the NFC Championship.  This is the latest and greatest version of the 12th Man’s Guide to Hating the 49ers.  In order to get up to speed on what’s turning out to be the NFL’s biggest rivalry between the coaches, players, fans and  cities, be sure to check out “The 12th Man’s Guide to Hating the 49ers – Version 1.0” and “The 12th Man’s Guide to Hating the 49ers – Version 2.0”.

The Fife Seahawks

During the week #14 matchup against the Seahawks and 49ers in Candlestick Park, a group of Californian 12’s chartered a plane to drag a “GO HAWKS 12!” banner behind it as it circled Candlestick moments before kickoff showing support for their team.


As expected, the 49er Faithful retaliated with some advertising of their own.  The original plan they hatched was to procure a billboard in downtown Seattle near the stadium bragging about the ancient history of their 5 Super Bowl wins.  They were unsuccessful with their mission and the best they could do was find a billboard in Fife, Washington 25 miles south of Seattle in Pierce County.  The digital billboard sits along Interstate-5 and flashes a 49er image for approximately 10 seconds and then cycles onto other advertising.  A complete fail.


Jim Harbaugh’s Clothing Style

The man wears the exact same clothing every day, even if the temperature is below zero.  There’s not much to discuss on this matter, just take a look.


Beats by Dre Commercial

I am sure everybody has seen the Colin Kaepernick Beats by Dre commercial of him entering a stadium and being harassed, threatened, and even having things thrown at him.  The advertisement is clearly directed at Seattle and the 12th Man.  You can see the city’s skyline in the advertisement.  The ad even has cameo appearances from Tracy Morgan and John Goodman.  The advertisement portrays the 12th Man as stark raving lunatics that hate the 49ers, so it is totally accurate.  I confess it would be cool to race along the highway with the 49ers bus as it is headed to the stadium while hanging out a sun roof yelling, “You suck, you’re in our house now!”.

I personally like this version of the commercial created by United12thManTV.


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