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The 12th Man’s 12 Step Program for the Off-Season – Step 2: Run the Seahawks 12K

Seahawks 12K Run

It is early March, and the NFL Combine (Underwear Olympics) is over.  You completed Step 1 in the 12 Step Program for the 12th Man during the off-season. The Combine has only momentarily subdued the symptoms of Post Traumatic Seahawks Disorder (PTSD).  By now, most 12’s have slipped into a dark place due to the lack of Seahawks football.   The next step in the recovery process requires hard work, discipline, and determination, but clinical studies have proven it does ease the pain of PTSD.

STEP 2 – Run the Seahawks 12K

The Seahawks 12K (7.46 miles) run is scheduled for April 13, 2014.  This gives you the next 5 weeks to get off your rear and train for the run.  The starting line is at The Landing in Renton and the course takes off towards the Seahawks practice facility, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC), which sits along the shores of Lake Washington.   The VMAC is the halfway point and runners circle the facility offering 12’s a close up look at where the Super Bowl Champions train. There is an aid station here which is manned by several Seahawks players. The course then backtracks to The Landing for the finish line .  If you want a more in-depth account for the event,  I did it for the first time last year and wrote a blog post about it.

If you aren’t in good enough shape to run the 12K, then sign up and run the 5K course.  Unfortunately, the 5K course varies from the 12K and runners won’t go to the VMAC.  It is still a fun event to attend because of the excitement created by being around thousands of other passionate 12s.  Be sure to wear your favorite Seahawks jersey or make a costume.  Last year, I noticed the lady 12’s really loved wearing blue and green tutus, and even some guys.

After the race was over last year, right tackle Breno Giacomini (#68), outside linebacker Bruce Irvin (#51), and wide receiver Golden Tate (#81) were in attendance for an autograph/meet & greet session with the runners.

The cost of the 12K for general registration is $40 (early registration by March 7th is $35).  The 5K general registration cost is $30 (early registration is $30).  The event even offers a NFL Play 60 half mile run for kids.  You can find out about all the details and register at the race’s website seahawks12krun.com.

When you sign up, join my team Reppin’ The 12 (9644348).

Go Hawks!


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