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Are You Ready For The 2014 NFL Schedule Release?

Are You Ready For Some Football?
CC image courtesy of Matt McGee on Flickr

Based upon historical research, many people believed the NFL would release the 2014 regular season schedule the week of April 14th.  I predicted it would be released this Thursday.  I was wrong.

NFL public relations guy Brian McCarthy informed the media via twitter today that the NFL will announce the announcement of the NFL schedule.

After reading this tweet, I believe I have the communication skills necessary to obtain a job in public relations with the NFL.

We know the first game of the 2014 regular season will be played on September 4th in Seattle.  My guess is that the Green Bay Packers or Dallas Cowboys will get the nod to play against the Super Bowl Champions for the NFL kickoff.

I love when the regular season schedule is announced.  It is a chance to dream about winning games and winning the “big” game.  We all look at our team’s schedule and we start chalking up the wins versus losses.  We all think the same thing, “It’s gonna be a great year.”

The sports radio world will spend hours on the airwaves dissecting the schedule and will pick their SuperBowl favorites and announce the division winners based upon the schedule information alone.

I will start plotting my personal and professional life around the Seahawks schedule.  How many Mondays will I need to take off from work because the Hawks are featured on ESPN’s Monday Night Football?  Will there be a NFL Network Thursday Night Football game in Seattle this year?

My guess is that the Seahawks will be featured on 6 primetime games including the kickoff game.  The game against the Broncos has to be a primetime match-up.  You know that both games against the 49ers must be nationally televised.  The game in Santa Clara will more than likely be featured on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

The schedule also allows me to dream about taking a road trip.  How would you like to go to San Diego in December to watch the Hawks play?  Conversely, you don’t want to travel to Arrowhead Stadium in December to face-off against the Chiefs.

Unfortunately, we will not get the schedule this week.  I am hoping the NFL will release it next Tuesday, April 22nd.


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