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Dear NFL: Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful – Seahawks 2014 Season Schedule

Dear Mr. Goodell,

The 12th Man patiently awaited the release of the regular season schedule.   It took us 38 years to see our Seahawks hoist the Lombardi Trophy.   The 2014 season was going to be our time to shine and bask in the glory of defending the championship.  We had envisioned Seahawks Stadium being on display, illuminated at night, for the nation and league to see during the coveted prime-time slots we earned.

Unfortunately, the 12th Man won’t be attending any Monday Night Football or Sunday Night Football games in the 206 area code this year  You gave us one prime-time matchup;  a Thursday Night Football game to kick the season off.  This game was already warranted by us defeating the Broncos.  Needless to say, your staff of schedule makers failed us miserably and left us disappointed.

We know it it is difficult to please everybody when making the schedule.  We read the article by Peter King on MMQB describing the monumental task it is to make a schedule.  The byline was “At NFL headquarters, four men and 40 computers work for 70 days, sifting through a half-million possibilities. The MMQB pulls back the curtain on the process, the roadblocks they had to navigate and why Seattle dodged a road swing from hell”

The NFL schedule makers described to King the runner-up schedule which had the Seahawks playing a 3 game road stretch in a span of 15 days, and would have earned the team 11,010 frequent flyer miles.

Go ahead and call us a skeptic, but this little piece of information provided to King seemed to be more a public relations ploy to “wag the dog”in an attempt to divert the attention away from only scheduling one prime-time game at home for the Hawks.  We’re not buying it.

The truth is that you did not want to schedule us home prime-time games because we have lost once there in the past 2 seasons.  Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful.   The NFL should have paid homage to the Seahawks and their fan base by scheduling more home games under the bright lights.

Rest assured, the 12th Man and Seahawks will force the issue of prime-time games being played in Seattle come this January.

I’m sure you’ll be in attendance for the September 4th game against the Green Bay Packers.  Let me know if you want to discuss this matter in further detail in-person prior to kick-off.


The 12th Man


3 Responses to “Dear NFL: Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful – Seahawks 2014 Season Schedule”

  1. revupswag

    The game on Thanksgiving, should be fun! Definitely got no love for MNF hopefully NFL moves kickoffs on Sunday from 1:30pm to Sunday Night Football. They usually have some type of change as they have done in past seasons. I will post more Seahawks videos that I can find on http://www.revupyourswag.com
    Thanks for commenting on my video, I like your site, well done! GO HAWKS!


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