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Who Will Raise the 12th Man Flag Thursday?

“Mr. Sonic” Nate McMillan

Update:  The 12th Man Flag raisers turned out to be the trio of the Seahawks Hall of Famers; Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, and Walter Jones.


The NFL has screwed the Seahawks and 12’s with only one home primetime game scheduled this season after winning the Super Bowl.  That game, which airs on NBC, is the event to signify the start of the 2014 NFL season this Thursday against the Green Bay Packers.  The Super Bowl XLVIII Champions banner will be unveiled as it hangs from the rafters of Seahawks Stadium prior to the start of the game.  This is the moment every 12 has been awaiting for since the team was created in 1976.  It is going to be special event and one that will be remembered forever.   The Seahawks website indicates 12’s should be in their seats by 5 PM to witness it.

Kickoff is scheduled for 5:40 PM, and we all know that just prior to the start, the 12th Man flag will be raised.  Who will do the honors on such a momentous night?  It has to be somebody special, and the few names that come to my mind would be General Manager John Schneider, former head coach Mike Holmgren, or perhaps former cornerback and hometown favorite Marcus Trufant.  I don’t think Schneider would be the flag raiser just because he is currently employed with the Seahawks.  My money would be on Holmgren.  Of course, I could be completely wrong with the three individuals mentioned above,  and it could be somebody completely different.

Who do you predict will raise the the 12 flag?


3 Responses to “Who Will Raise the 12th Man Flag Thursday?”

  1. Tim Brender

    I am hoping for Kenny Easley. I just reviewed all the 12 man flag raisers since they started in 2003 and with the LOB as big as it is now, he would be the perfect fit.

  2. brender34

    I am hoping for Kenny Easley. I just reviewed the list of 12th Man flag raisers since they started in 2003. With defense leading this team again this season, Kenny would be the perfect fit to raise the flag on Thursday.


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