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The Broncos Seek Retribution Against the Seahawks

By Anthony Quintano (Flickr: Super Bowl XLVIII (48) New York New Jersey) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Hate is a powerful emotion,  and the Denver Broncos, their fan base, and local media hate the Seattle Seahawks.  When the 2014 Season schedule was released, all of them circled the September 21st Week 3 game against the Seahawks.  This is a game of emotion for the Denver Broncos.  Don’t listen to the coach speak about how the Broncos players and coaches have moved on past the Super Bowl XLVIII thumping that the Seahawks laid on them (43 to 8).  For them, this is not a game about revenge, instead this is a game about retribution  It is not possible to revenge the Super Bowl loss.  Instead, the Denver Broncos are looking to give the Seahawks what they perceive to be their just deserts.

“They beat us bad in the Super Bowl. They think they have the pedigree, they talked noise all offseason. That’s what we’ve been waiting for,” Broncos wide receiver Andre Caldwell told USA Today after their game against the Kansas City Chiefs.  The team had just been told that the San Diego Chargers had beaten the Seahawks that Sunday.  Do they smell blood in the water?

The Broncos will be better equipped this time around with their left tackle Ryan Clady, cornerback Chris Harris, linebacker Von Miller, and safety Rahim Moore all healthy and playing after being absent in the Super Bowl.

“Don’t you ever say you want one-on-one’s with us (bleep).  Don’t you ever say that!”

The Denver Post has a log  documenting the Seahawks “trash talk” detailing quotes, tweets, and interviews since Super Bowl XLVIII.  The majority of it is focussed on cornerback Richard Sherman (#25, the man they love to hate), along with a cameo appearance by coach Pete Carroll, and linebacker Bobby Wagner (#54).    Nothing would make the Orange Crush happier than to see Peyton Manning throw a touchdown to Wes Welker with Sherman playing one-on-one.


Can you really blame them for hating the blue and green so much?  The Seahawks ruined what was supposed to be the coronation of the great Peyton Manning.  This video explains it all (beware F-bombs incoming):

But the Broncos aren’t the only ones that want to feed the Seahawks some humble pie, the “media” would love to see them eat some crow, starting with CBS Sports writer Gregg Doyell, who posted a recent article about the “cowardice” of Sherman not addressing the media after the loss against the Chargers.  You can hear the vitriol in Doyell’s voice as he speaks about Sherman to Danny, Dave, and Moore show on 710 ESPN this Tuesday.


For the Seahawks, this game is a gut check, especially for the defense who played horribly on third downs in San Diego.  The Broncos offense will offer a great test to this defense, and I am sure they will rise up to the challenge, especially at home.  More importantly, this game is about not going 1-2 versus 2-1 as the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Make no mistake about it, this game will not be a rout that was witnessed in the Super Bowl, but instead it will be a knock down drag out fight on both sides of the ball.  Las Vegas has the Hawks favored by 5 points.  This is the first time in two years since the Broncos have not been favorites in Vegas.


4 Responses to “The Broncos Seek Retribution Against the Seahawks”

  1. revupswag

    It is going down! Obviously home field advantage will play a huge factor in this game. It doesn’t matter how much a team tries to prepare for the crowd noise it never works out. The 12th man is simply too loud to replicate. If the hawks can get beast mode going early and get some early points while the defense comes up with some picks, it will be smooth sailing for Seattle. Peyton will definitely make it interesting, but I have the hawks winning by a couple touchdowns.

    Nice write up, GO HAWKS!

    – revupyourswag.com


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