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Gone Percy – The Fantasy Is Over

Percy Harvin
CC image courtesy of Keith Allison of Flickr

The news of wide receiver Percy Harvin (#11) being traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets this past Friday afternoon by Jay Glazer shocked the 12s and the NFL world.

Did I read that right?

But don’t worry Marshawn Lynch validated Glazer’s report a few minutes later with a tweet of his own.

Why was this trade happening?  It came out of left field and took us by surprise.  In fact, less than two hours prior to the story of the trade, ProFootballTalk  reported the Seahawks wanted to expand Harvin’s role in the offense.  I guess that goes to show you that you can’t always trust what the media reports.  One thing that you can trust, is in the Seahawks organization it doesn’t matter where a player is drafted, what their name is, or how big their contract is, if they don’t want you on the team, they will cut/trade you.

This is not the first time head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider has made a highly touted wide receiver disappear from the team.  In Carroll’s first year as the Hawks head coach, he cut the newly acquired free agent T.J.Houshmandzadeh (#84) in September of 2010.  Houshmandzadeh was pissed and and alleged that Carroll only kept him on the team to be a training camp body, and then cut him before the start of the season in favor of wide receiver Big Mike Williams (#17).   The move cost the Seahawks $7 million that year.  Houshmandzadeh would go on to sign a one year deal with the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent.  Houshmandzadeh would play one more season in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders, catching only 11 balls and scoring one touchdown that season before ending his career.

Never Date A Stripper

The fantasy of dating a hot stripper is appealing for many men.  In this fantasy, the stripper is sleek with a great body,  and more importantly knows how to use it.  Unfortunately, the stripper likes to spend all of your money and leech away all of your resources.  The stripper also comes with some baggage, but don’t worry, you are such a great guy that you can change/heal the stripper.  Even though it’s cool at the time for the guy dating the stripper, many of his friends are worried about the relationship because it’s dynamic.  This worry or criticsim from his friends and family will be a source of strain in his life.  Undoubtedly, the “relationship” will end in turmoil and drama, and that is why it is a fantasy.

Percy Harvin was the Seahawks stripper fantasy.   After the Seahawks traded for him from the Vikings, people referred to him as a “Ferarri”.  He was fast, sleek, and looked oh so good in that Hawks uniform the few times he actually suited up.  Unfortunately, on the first day of 2013 training camp, the “Ferarri” would never exit the garage due to a newly discovered hip injury.

Not only did he look good, but he could flat out run and make people miss, as proven in his Super Bowl 48 touchdown return.  Harvin cost the Seahawks money, draft picks, and salary cap space.  One casualty of the cap space was probably wide receiver Golden Tate (#81), who now plays with the Detroit Lions.

We all knew Harvin was coming from Minnesota  with a set of Valextra baggage.  Harvin was rumored to be a malcontent.  He had a history of migraine headaches which precluded him from participating in weekly practices.  He supposedly threw a weight at head coach Brad Childress.  But don’t worry, Pete Carroll is like the horse whisperer for handling difficult players.  The Seahawks would give Harvin a fresh start and allow him to grow as a person and a player.  This scenario did not turn out to be the case.

After Harvin’s trade was publicized, reports started to surface that Harvin had been a problem child since his beginnings in Seattle.  The Seattle Times reported that Harvin and Tate had a physical fight prior to the Super Bowl that left Tate with a black eye.

After that revelation, the comments made by Tate in an interview with 710 ESPN Seattle last March after signing with the Lions take on a whole new meaning:

“I’m sorry, I’m going to vent to you guys for a little bit, so just hold on — considering that I have played there four years, a starter two of those years, I missed a total of one game in my two years including the playoffs.  (I was) in the community, did everything right, was not a troublemaker, everyone loved me in the locker room. I did everything right, and the offer that they offered, it was like, ‘Is this serious?’ The organization is offering guys from other places two times, almost three times what they were offering me. And I was kind of like: ‘Are you serious? I’ve given literally everything and this is what you give me?’”

The Seattle Times story also reported that Harvin had a fight with wide receiver Doug Baldwin (#89) in the final week of pre-season this year.  Harvin did not travel to the Oakland for the final game due to “a personal matter”.

Getting in a physical fight with two teammates from the same position group may have not been the straw that broke the camel’s back.  It is theorized that in last week’s game against the Cowboys, that Harvin refused to enter the game late in the fourth quarter when his skills were needed the most.  If this was true, that attitude goes against the bedrock of Carroll’s “Always Complete” philosophy.

If you watch the Monday press conference after the Cowboy’s loss, at the 15:50 mark, Carroll is directly asked why Harvin was missing in the final moments of the game.   Carroll explains that Harvin was not in the game because he was not “ready to go” back in due to the randomness of the substitution cycle.

Or perhaps, Harvin wasn’t ready to go back into the game because he did not want to play?  I am sure the substation cycle can be broken.

Percy is gone and the fantasy is over.  The Seahawks will be more focussed on being the ground-and-pound team that made them NFC Champions last year.  The team will be tested this coming Sunday on the road against the Rams, whom have made it tough on the Hawks this past few seasons while playing at the Edward Jones Dome.


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