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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Boom Over Zoom

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The Seahawks faced off against the high powered Eagles offense at Lincoln Financial Field in what was being touted as the Legion of Boom (LOB) versus the Legion of Zoom.   The result, all Boom and no Zoom!  The Seahawks  defense is playing like their dread’s are on fire.  Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez had fear in his eyes and his play was reminiscent of his days with the Jets, although there was no butt fumble.

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The Eagles offense was held to a total of 139 yards.  Meanwhile, the Seahawks “Ground Pete” a la “Ground Chuck” offense controlled the ball for a franchise record 41 minutes and 56 seconds.   The score was Seahawks 24 and Eagles 14, it was never that close.   Midway through the second quarter, it was obvious the Seahawks were physically controlling the game and you knew that the Eagles would end up throwing in the towel in the 3rd or 4th quarter.

Middle linebacker Bobby Wagner (#54) told reporters that Eagles marquis running back LeSean McCoy “didn’t want no part of the contact”.  McCoy wasn’t the only Eagle.

I am sure Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin ended up having a bad day on Sunday after that “weirdo” Marshawn Lynch (#24) helped the Seahawks meat grinder offense chew up the Eagles defense.

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That is exactly what this offense is designed to do, grind the opponents into hamburger meat.  Crushing their bones, muscles, tendons, and wills into submission.   Pete Carroll and the offense loves to run the clock out at the end of the game which is a great game plan to win football games in December.   Under Carroll, the Seahawks record is 4 wins and 6 losses for the month of December.    This team is clicking on all cylinders at precisely the right time.

The Santa Clara 49ers are coming to Seattle next weekend after coming off an embarrassing loss to the Raiders in the Battle of the Bay.   The Hawks defense is inside Colin Kaepernick’s head, and the there is a good chance the 49ers could have an epic meltdown in Seattle.  The LOB and defensive line is going to be eating greedy on Sunday.




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