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Rams Want to Kill the Seahawks Head

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Make no qualms about it, the Rams game plan under Head Coach Jeff Fisher and Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams is to assassinate Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (#3) and running back Marshawn Lynch (#24).  This is not the first time a Greg Williams led defense has marched into Seahawks Stadium with the intention of liquidating a quarterback and running back.  The Saints were clandestine in their plot the last time when Williams placed a hit on Matt Hasselbeck (#8) and Lynch’s head during the 2011 Wild Card playoff game in Seattle.

The plan backfired on Williams when Hasselbeck and Lynch upset the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints and provided 12s with the greatest run in Seahawks history, the Beast Quake.

The Saints bounty program would later come out of the darkness into the light and the NFL levied a punishment against Saints head coach Sean Payton and Williams for their plot.  Payton was suspended for one (1) year from any contact with his team and Williams was suspended indefinitely from the league.

Williams was granted a return to the game by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and was hired by the St. Louis Rams in 2014.

Knockouts and “cart-offs” are goals of the Rams defensive unit.  This past week the Rams made several attempts on the livelihood of New York Giants rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham.  Clearly a targeted plan by Williams.

When Wilson runs the zone-read option with Lynch, the Rams defensive ends marching orders will be not to crash down the line in pursuit of Lynch, but instead to cannonball into our quarterback.  It would warm the cockles of Williams if the defense can “take out that outside ACL” of a Seahawks player.

The Rams are also going to bait the Seahawks into losing their focus and cool by taking cheap shots at every turn of the game.  The Rams have eight (8) Unnecessary Roughness (league average 4.75), five (5) Roughing the Passer (league average 2.91), and five (5) Unsportsmanlike (league average 1.91) penalties this year.   This may be a silver lining in regards to the injury of Seahawks cornerback Tharold Simon (#27).  Outside linebacker Bruce Irvin (#51) is another Hawks susceptible to springing their trap and needs to maintain his composure.

Williams only goal isn’t to take players out of the game,  he wants the 12s to boo the Hawks.   The Hawks will be on full alert to the threat of the Rams.  The Seahawks have their own snipers.




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