Where pride and passion for the Seattle Seahawks collide.

About Me

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I am a Chuck Knox generation Seahawks fan. I was 13 years old when I was fortunate enough to attend my first Seahawks game. My best friend’s dad had season tickets and he took us to a game on November 22, 1987. We lived in the Wenatchee valley and it was an event to be traveling to Seattle; especially on a Sunday. The Hawks played the San Diego Chargers for a AFC West matchup that day.

Prior to the start of the game, we went down to the wall where the players exited their locker rooms. We hung over the side trolling for autographs. A man grabbed my program and signed it. Turned out it was the Chargers wide receiver coach and future Hall of Famer Charlie Joiner. Somehow, I managed to keep the program from that day.

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The offense consisted of Dave Krieg as Quarterback. Curt Warner and John L. Williams were in the backfield. Steve Largent and Daryl Turner were the wide outs.

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The defense was made of Jacob Green (Red Bryant’s father-in-law), Joe Nash, Jeff Bryant, Kenny Easley, Eugene Robinson, and the rookie “million dollar man” Brian Bosworth.

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The Chargers were entering the game with a record of 8-1. I vividly recall a home made banner hanging off the upper deck of the King Dome that read “Wake up Cinderella, it’s midnight and the ball is over.”

The clock struck midnight that Sunday.

It was a route. The Hawks won 34-3. Curt Warner and Dave Krieg scored rushing touchdowns. Steve Largent and John L. Williams each scored touchdowns thrown by Krieg. The KingDome was in full throat. I was hooked!


I live three hours away from Seahawks Stadium near Vancouver, Washington. I became a season ticket holder in 2009 and introduced my wife to her first NFL game. Since then, she has become a 12th Woman and we look forward to the voyage to Seattle every Sunday in the fall.

I created this website as an outlet to flaunt my love and passion for the Seattle Seahawks. I hope you enjoy it.

Go Hawks!


4 Responses to “About Me”

    • Matt

      Hahaha! The footage of the hat fire turned out great. Will be posting it to youtube some time in the future. Go Hawks!

  1. serval26

    That was my mother’s sign! I’ve been googling trying to find footage of signs she made over the years at the Kingdome (she was a Seahawks season ticket holder from the Seahawks inception until the early 2000’s). All of her signs were the same- the long banner with balloon letters painted with blue paint. I helped her paint the signs, but I was too young to ever understand the context of each one. She was an amazing, cool woman and a loyal fan to the end. She died of ovarian cancer (even in the hospital she was watching the Seahawks games and grumbling about them) a year and a half before the hawks won the Super Bowl, can you believe that?! The win was very bittersweet to my family. It’s so funny and weird to read your blog and know that that was my mother’s sign just by the way she wrote. If you ever come across any old footage of her signs or remember any others, please email me! Thank you for sharing your story, it brought back wonderful memories!


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